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NewRise Heating and Cooling is your trusted HVAC service provider in Rendon, TX. We understand the importance of a functioning air conditioning system, especially during Texas’s hot and humid summers. If you are experiencing issues with your AC system, our team of qualified HVAC technicians is here to help. We offer reliable and affordable AC repair in Rendon, TX, to keep your home cool and comfortable.

AC Repair in Rendon TX
AC Repair in Rendon TX

Common AC Repairs

Air conditioning (AC) systems are essential for keeping homes and businesses comfortable during hot weather. However, like any mechanical system, AC units can develop problems that require repairs. Here are some common AC repairs and how to fix them:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant is the substance that absorbs heat from the air in an AC system. The system will not cool effectively if the refrigerant level is low due to a leak. An HVAC technician can locate and repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant to the proper level.

  2. Clogged Air Filter: A dirty air filter can reduce airflow, cause the system to work harder, and increase energy usage. Replacing the air filter is a simple repair that can improve system efficiency and indoor air quality.

  3. Thermostat Malfunction: If the thermostat is not working correctly, the AC system may not cool the space to the desired temperature. Thermostat repairs may include recalibration, battery replacement, or thermostat replacement.

  4. Fan Malfunction: The fan circulates air through the AC system. The system may not cool effectively if the fan is not working correctly. Fan repairs may include a motor replacement, blade cleaning, or fan replacement.

  5. Clogged Condensate Drain: The condensate drain removes excess moisture from the AC system. If the drain is clogged, water can back up and cause damage to the system. Clearing the drain line is a simple repair that can prevent system damage.

  6. Dirty Coils: Dirt and debris can accumulate on the evaporator and condenser coils, reducing the efficiency of the AC system. Cleaning the coils can improve system efficiency and prevent future breakdowns.

AC repairs performed by one of our qualified HVAC technicians ensure that the repairs are done correctly and safely. Regular AC maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and identify potential problems before they become major. Timely repairs can help extend the life of the AC system and improve energy efficiency, saving money on utility bills in the long run.

Routine Maintenance Can Help Prevent AC Repairs

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioning system in good working order and prevent costly AC repairs. Here are some ways that routine maintenance can help prevent AC repairs:

  1. Identifying Problems Early: During routine maintenance, an HVAC technician will inspect your AC system and identify any potential problems before they become major. Early detection of problems can prevent breakdowns and save you money on repairs in the long run.

  2. Cleaning and Lubrication: Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate on the various components of your AC system, causing it to work harder and increasing the risk of breakdowns. During routine maintenance, an HVAC technician will clean and lubricate the system, improving its efficiency and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

  3. Replacing Worn-Out Parts: Your AC system has many parts that can wear out over time, such as belts and bearings. During routine maintenance, an HVAC technician will check these parts and replace any worn out, preventing them from causing further damage to the system.

  4. Improving Energy Efficiency: An AC system that is not maintained properly will have to work harder to cool your home or business, resulting in higher energy bills. Routine maintenance can help improve the energy efficiency of your system, saving you money on your energy bills.

  5. Extending the Life of Your AC System: Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your AC system by preventing breakdowns and reducing wear and tear on the components.

Our technicians will go above and beyond to offer all the necessary maintenance and repair services that your air conditioning needs to ensure it returns to its normal working order. We guarantee high affordability and reliability for all of your AC repairs, and our certified technicians will offer you the best service you deserve.

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At NewRise Heating and Cooling, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and affordable AC repair and maintenance services in Rendon, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians is dedicated to ensuring that your AC system runs efficiently and effectively, keeping you comfortable during even the hottest Texas summers.

When you choose NewRise Heating and Cooling for your AC repair and maintenance needs, you can trust that you are getting the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference our quality service and expertise can make for your home or business.

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